Saturday, November 24, 2007

Farid Abboud Discusses Lebanon at LAWAC

Speech before the Los Angeles World Affairs Council on June 28, 1999

Ambassador Farid Abboud:

"The Israeli onslaught on Lebanese civilian targets, which took place a few days ago, has jeopardized the prospects for peace in the area and has dealt a serious blow to Lebanon’s reconstruction effort. On both counts, the damage is substantial, but not irreversible...

Whatever motivated it, the Israeli action was costly to Lebanon. Rebuilding what was destroyed would involve substantial resources, and prolonged efforts. But as I mentioned at the start of the address I am giving you, we will not be put down, and we have already resumed our ascent. We have been hit hard by the Israelis in the past and by the civil war which we have endured for many years. We will rebuild what has been destroyed and our efforts will be benefiting from several assets we have now."

Read the full speech from Farid Abboud.